Changing the World together

Our project began in Kasese,

Where two-thirds of the population still rely on open defecation; many communities have no sanitation infrastructure. We partner with communities, local NGOs and public officials to build environmentally sustainable sanitation facilities at rural schools. Second to the family, schools are the most important places of learning for children and serve as central fixtures in their communities. When sanitation facilities are present, they often serve as a model for the broader community. Classroom teaching of sanitation practices has a particularly positive impact on the education opportunities of young girls, who are disproportionately affected by the lack of facilities. This is a result of cultural taboos towards menstruation.

Our philosophy:


Our projects employ the process of creating a clean environment  in order to have a better tomorrow where there is reduction in the hash climatic changes . It helps preserve soil fertility, ensure food security, minimize the spread of infectious diseases, and recover renewable-energy.


Alongside local teachers and health professionals we engage students and their families in hygiene and sanitation awareness campaigns. Such knowledge curbs the norm of open defecation and keeps children in school through provision of scholastic materials like books , pens, clothes & shoes.


Working with local gender groups, community members  and schools enables the long term sustainability of our projects.  The water ,health ,domestic violence free so  that the community can live safer, healthier and productive lives. 



These projects  target all the community members  within Kasese district. However, as adult community members generally define cultural norms and parameters within which youth must make their decisions, the projects  also seek to initiate discussion of cultural norms, gender and land issues which are potentially unhealthy or limiting youth and community productivity.

Domestic Violence

We discourage domestic violence in the community which has made thousands of the children , women ,men and the community safe alot due to domestic violence that can be solved through dialogue and the projects we carryout advocate for legal action for the victims ,training and empowering of the victims, counseling of the victims .