Agriculture is the main activity of the total production in KASESE District. Most food got from agriculture is used for home consumption like 88% while the remaining 12% is for sale. 



According to the assessments made by My Ugandan Child, the water provision, hygiene and sanitation conditions in all our operation areas including schools is very poor and pathetic.



Educating the local people ways of fighting HIV virus as we all know that is majorly transmitted through having unprotected sexual inter courses with an infected person and use of unsterilized instruments.



The education of the world’s children is high on the global agenda. In the context of education for all children should receive free, good quality education.


Young mothers and children

Kasese district is the one of the districts that has a problem of young mothers and this is as a result of the research that we carried kasese district and we have since launched projects that are benefitting them such as tailoring, hair dressing among others.