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Volunteer opportunities are available to teach language, computer, math, and business classes to My Ugandan Child clients.            


Volunteer opportunities are available for medical practitioners to work at Kasese Municipal Council Health Center IV, a local medical clinic with whom My Ugandan Child has a partnership. Volunteers can assist in the provision of a range of services, including HIV/AIDS testing, emergency medicine and prenatal care. Volunteers may also work directly at My Ugandan Child to lead educational seminars on a range of topics, including HIV/AIDS, communicable diseases, and nutrition.

Volunteer opportunities are also available for mental health practitioners. Volunteers can teach psycho-educational classes on a range of topics, including PTSD, stress and anger management and communication skills. Opportunities are also available to provide staff training and provide individual and home-based mental health counseling.       

To protect the safety of our clients, My Ugandan Child requires that health volunteers only provide services in Uganda that they are licensed to provide in their home country.


Questions? Please contact our volunteer liaison officer, [email protected] to discuss.


Volunteer opportunities offer to work with the teaching at the various local schools, making of jewelry and crafts, embroidery and soap-making groups which are sold online to rise school fees that enable us to send more children to school.  Volunteers with other specialized social entrepreneurship skills such as marketing, public relations, website design and product design are also welcome.


Have an idea for volunteering not mentioned here? We welcome your skills and suggestions! Please contact our volunteer liaison officer at [email protected] to discuss.

Interested in volunteering but can’t make the trip to Uganda?
There are opportunities to provide online classes and trainings to our clients. Please contact our volunteer liaison officer, [email protected] to discuss.       


To apply for volunteer placement, please send your resume to our volunteer liaison officer at [email protected] Please include details of when you would like to volunteer, how long you would like to stay and in which My Ugandan Child programs you would like to be involved. Once you have been accepted and your volunteer dates confirmed, you will receive a volunteer information packet that contains an abundance of useful information about living and working in Uganda.

Questions about volunteering? Please see the ‘FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS’ below or email additional questions to [email protected] She/ He will be happy to respond to any questions, as well as share stories about volunteering in Uganda. We look forward to hearing from you!         


Where do volunteers live?     

Volunteers live in a volunteer house/Guest house near the My Ugandan Child offices. The house/Guest House contains bedrooms and a bathroom in each living room.

What is the layout of the My Ugandan Child Office?          

The My Ugandan Child office consists of an open office with internet.

Where is Basecamp Upper, Central Division?         

Basecamp Upper is out town within Basecamp Parish and is just a few meters from Kasese Town. Please note, Basecamp Upper is not the same as the town of Kasese that is center of Kasese Municipality.

Is there internet?       

Yes, the office has internet and the signal strength is good. 

What can I do in my free time?        

There are many restaurants, coffee shops and stores to explore in Kasese. It takes about 5 minutes by public transportation to get to the town center from Basecamp. There are also important tourist attractions in Kasese such as Queen Elizabeth National Park, Hot springs among others. See Uganda's official tourism website for more ideas!           

Where can I take a vacation?           

There are several day or weekend trips available around Kasese. One popular destination is through the national park of Queen Elizabeth, which is home to elephants and other wild animals. Volunteers have also taken trips to Lakes George. There are Uganda and East Africa travel books available at the Guest house for additional ideas.



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My Ugandan Child

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